Mortgages For The Self-Employed

Are you self-employed? 

If you are self-employed we can advise you what paperwork you need to obtain to prove your income and where to obtain it from. The full application process is just the same as any other applicant.

HMC can quickly advise and guide you through the various mortgage options and will process the necessary paperwork.

What Do I Need?

Requirements for a mortgage if you are self-employed means that although your income is measured against the mortgage you require, other factors are taken into consideration.

How Do I Proceed?

Call Highland Mortgage Company to make an appointment. We are on hand in the evenings up to 9.00pm and we will also advise you what information you will need to have ready.

How Long Does It Take?

At HMC we have access to a vast current database of lenders, so can let you know almost immediately if your mortgage is likely to be approved given your current circumstances.